By CBS3 Staff

LOWER MERION TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — A homicide investigation is underway in Lower Merion after a 19-year-old man was found shot dead late Sunday night. Officers responded to a shooting on the 1400 block of Surrey Lane in the Wynnewood section, around 10:43 p.m.

Nahray Crisden was all of 19 years old. Omar Saunders came to take a look around at the spot where his only son was shot and killed.

“I came here, drive up on the scene just to see what it looked like. Why was he even here? This looks like nothing, nowhere he would be so I’m not understanding the logic of it,” Saunders said. “They shot him eight times, up close.”

“He was on the football team for West Philly High, he was on the track team — he actually broke a record on the Penn Relays back in 2018 for West Philly High,” Saunder said.

The Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the homicide that happened just before 11 p.m. Sunday night.

“Five rapid shots, or six maybe. The body I saw laying — see that big tree — right on the pavement in front of that,” one neighbor said.

Prosecutors have revealed very little about the case that has left neighbors around Haverford Road and Surrey Lane apprehensive and unsettled.

“It’s just very concerning. I think, personally, there’s just too many guns out there,” another neighbor said.

Saunders says he can’t begin to wonder what led his son here late last night, and why somebody would do this.

“He still had a life, he still had a chance, man. He was 19, he still had a chance,” Saunders said.

Overnight, neighbors said on social media a police helicopter circled overhead shining a spotlight on the area. CBS3 learned a Philadelphia police helicopter was assisting in the investigation.

Police have not confirmed what led up to this deadly shooting. A man who lives nearby says this is unlike this neighborhood.

“It’s quiet, everybody gets along, all different kinds of races, ethnicities, religions. Everybody is very peaceful, quiet, supportive of each other. It’s a great place to raise a kid,” the neighbor said.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Lower Merion Township Police at 610-649-1000 or Montgomery County Detectives at 610-278-3368.

CBS3’s Howard Monroe and Joe Holden contributed to this report.