By Joe Holden

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police are on the hunt for an arsonist seen in surveillance video setting fire to a home in Nicetown-Tioga. Eyewitness News spoke to the owner who says his home is destroyed — he lost everything.

Police believe the arsonist is a woman but the why behind all of this remains a mystery.

In just a matter of moments, the front of the Pulaski Avenue home was engulfed in fire. Police on Monday released video of the arson that happened in Nicetown-Tioga more than three weeks ago.

Philadelphia Police Release Video Of Person Setting Fire To Occupied Home In Nicetown-Tioga

They’re looking to catch up with who they believe is a woman seen coming and going. Video shows the arsonist lighting something before fire overtakes the row home.

Korvel Odd owns the place, but for how much longer is sadly unclear.

“There was a big fire on the porch,” Odd said. “I need help. Basically, if I don’t get help, I’ll probably end up being homeless.”

Neighbors say loud noises, likely the crackling of flames, woke them from their sleep.

“I open the door and I hear all this noise, I run to the door and it’s like all this fire,” neighbor Louise Boyd said. “The whole house is on fire.”

The fire scorched the front of Boyd’s home so she is now remodeling. But Odd isn’t quite sure what’s next for him.

“I almost lost my life, and whoever did this, I hope they get caught. Turn yourself in,” Odd said.

Odd says his cat died from smoke inhalation. There were no other injuries.

Police say the suspect may possibly be a woman and has a distinct walk. They are described to have a medium build and were seen wearing an oversized sweater-type top and dark-colored pants.

If you have any information on this incident, call police.