By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Trash has been piling up in Philadelphia neighborhoods as the city struggles to keep up with collection due to the coronavirus pandemic. But those overflowing dumpsters and cans are causing problems beyond the sight and smell; they’re attracting a lot of unwelcomed pests too.

In a mid-week update, the Streets Department asked residents to put out their trash on their normal day but that collection may once again be a day or two behind.

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It’s been an ongoing byproduct of the pandemic with another side effect being overfilled trash bins left out for extended periods that have drawn in extra critters.

“There’s flies everywhere. It just stinks, it’s horrible,” Rougui Sall said.

“I’m definitely noticing a big uptick in flies, a couple of stink bugs, but really, the flies are just out of control,” Brett Ackerman said.

Check out these Instagram posts by Philly sanitation worker Terrill Haigler.

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According to City Best Pest Control, business is booming as simmering garbage has attracted flies, roaches and rodents, who then take cover inside of nearby homes.

“First, they start off as maggots and then they develop into flies and you have a whole infestation on your hands,” Ian Galloway, a technician with City Best Pest Control, said.

Galloway shared video following a recent job where a customer’s home became infested with flies that bred in an outdoor trash area and then made it into a customer’s home.

“It doesn’t matter what area of the city. South Philly, West Philly,” Galloway said.

But there is that something residents can do — treat your trash cans right.

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“You can actually clean it out with that with bleach and white vinegar,” Galloway said. “That will help it down a lot keep the flies down a lot.”