By Dan Koob

VILLANOVA, Pa. (CBS) — A large crowd of Villanova freshman, some without masks, was captured in cellphone video gathered on campus. It’s an issue causing concern even as many colleges have decided to offer only online classes.

Credit: CBS3

Students Eyewitness News spoke to feel safe on campus, but are annoyed that some freshmen aren’t taking social distancing as seriously as they are.

What looks like hoards of freshmen were seen in a video gathering closely on Villanova’s campus. Some wore masks, some did not.

It’s a violation of the school’s social distancing guidelines just two days after arriving on campus.

“I saw it was outside my dorm so and I took a look at that. I knew that was definitely not gonna fly, knew that wasn’t OK,” freshman Gabe Agrama said.

We’re told the gathering was not affiliated with the school or orientation.

But it did prompt a stern response from President Peter Donohue, who said in an email to students if the university’s social distance guidelines are not followed, “you will be sent home. If you don’t commit to this new way of doing things, you shouldn’t be here.”

“We’ve already lost our senior year. We don’t want to lose our first year of college, too,” freshman Ricky Stanton said.

“I was surprised because they just told us there’s only four people allowed in the dorm, I walk outside and I see like 100 some people standing around. I was like I don’t know how that’s going on,” one student said.

Anonymous students responded through the popular Villanova fan page “Nova Nationer,” saying the party is solely a reflection of irresponsible youth, not the university.

It’s something many students have echoed. These Wildcats feel safe on campus.

“I feel like they’re doing the best job that they can do right now. We’re trying to have us meet new people while also keeping us safe at the same time,” freshman Joseph Sergi said.

“It’s hard. It’s a hard adjustment for everyone and it’s just a different year,” freshman Ava Salvatore said.