By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s a SummerFest At Home Friday. Hopefully, you and the family are enjoying these summer days the best you can. When it comes to growing families, look no further than the Philadelphia Zoo, where there’s a baby boom going on.

The Philadelphia Zoo is tickled pink about it’s newest addition.

“We’ve had our first flamingo chick in more than 20 years and we are so excited about it,” Dani Hogan, the manager of education programs at the Philadelphia Zoo, said.

The little flamingo named Flock is easy to spot.

“What may be surprising for those who are coming to visit our baby is that the baby does not look like the adults,” Hogan said. “When baby flamingos first hatch, they are all gray and covered in fuzzy feathers.”

Watch the video above for Vittoria Woodill’s full report.

Vittoria Woodill