By Stephanie Ballesteros

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – The Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia is reminding residents to properly dispose of trash and recycling after a small opossum was found stuck inside a Snapple bottle. This comes as trash pickup in the city has recently been delayed and has become a problem.

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Luckily, ACCT protection officers safely freed the animal. They say the opossum seems OK and will be headed to rehab.

“Thank you to the person who called us about this little guy and everyone PLEASE dispose of your trash properly,” Philly ACCT said in a Facebook post.

The ACCT recommends putting lids on bottles, jars, and any containers and rinsing them out so they don’t smell good to wildlife looking for food or water. They say cans can be crushed and soda can holders can be cut so they don’t get stuck around an animal’s neck.

Stephanie Ballesteros