By Matt Petrillo

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (CBS) — For the first time in months, New Jersey motor vehicle centers reopened on Tuesday. Some described the situation as organized chaos.

In Camden, the line wrapped around the building. You can definitely expect to wait at least a few hours to get your license.

“People been out here since like 4:30 in the morning,” one person said.

“It’s just really frustrating,” said another.

The long line kept growing at the vehicle center in Camden, all while Keagin McGovern’s patience was thinning.

“I just feel like they should have had this figured out earlier,” McGovern said.

Credit: CBS3

She waited for seven hours to get her license. Juggy Lewis needs his ID renewed to start working again.

“You know how many people been waiting to get a job just because their IDs expired?” Lewis said.

Over at the vehicle center in Cherry Hill, some people brought lawn chairs with them because the wait was so long.

“It’s hot, it’s humid. The line wraps around the building so you’re waiting to get through and finally got up here, got my ticket and everything, and now you gotta wait some more,” Cedric Presson, of Camden, said.

In Turnersville, Chopper 3 found what looks like a couple hundred people in line.

But after vehicle centers were closed for four months, some people say the wait is worth it.

“Yes because I’m tired of riding with expired tags. I call it riding dirty,” Cherry Hill resident Aneesah Davis said.

Officials are urging people to hold off coming to an MVC for at least a week if they’re able to. But you can also do most things online, like renewing your license.