By Kimberly Davis

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — As communities cancel firework shows across our area, some people are planning their own. There has been a sales boom at fireworks stores.

Firework shows are being canceled across the country due to the coronavirus pandemic, but residents say they’re going to create their own celebration.

Independence Day won’t look like years past. So some residents are taking matters into their own hands and plan on having their own shows.

“We got the Sound the Alarm, a couple small things like Haunted House, Purple Rain, a couple rockets,” said Philadelphia resident Corey Johnson.

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Credit: CBS3

Johnson stopped by All American Fireworks in Bensalem on Tuesday. He says his family plans on having their own fireworks show in a South Jersey field. The tradition started with his father.

“My little cousins have been asking, ‘Where are the fireworks going to be at?’ So I’m like might as just start now and July 4th is going to be way bigger,” he said.

Johnson says his cart will cost him a few hundred dollars.

All American Fireworks management said sales are up in the fireworks industry. The average shopper spends about $160 before leaving the store.

“Compared to last year, sales this year have tripled, maybe even quadrupled. It’s been like nonstop every day here,” All American Fireworks assistant manager Marielle Lamonica said.

Complaints about booms and explosive sounds from fireworks have soared amid the pandemic and unrest in Philadelphia and across the nation.

Philadelphia officials are asking residents to call 911 if they see people not following specific guidelines.

“I think it’s not just Philly, it’s not just Pennsylvania, it’s everywhere. It’s crazy this year. It’s absolutely crazy,” Lamonica said.

Between May 29 and June 21, Philadelphia police received 947 calls related to fireworks and other explosions.

Kimberly Davis