KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. (CBS) — As coronavirus restrictions gradually loosen, many area gardens are inviting visitors once again. But they’re doing it carefully.

Summer is only a day away and families are ready to explore. Great news, the arts and leisure scene is slowing reopening. Visitors can now stroll the serene property at Longwood Gardens.

“It’s just really, really great to have people back in our gardens,” Paul Redman, president and CEO of Longwood Gardens, said. “We’ve missed them.”

Social distancing and face coverings are key elements in this setting.

“Masks are required upon entering the garden because you’re entering through a building,” Redman said.

While enjoying the scenery, if you happen to be in the mood for an adult beverage, the outdoor beer garden is now open.

“To make it even more safe for our guests, we actually seat you at a picnic table and then you go up to a hut and order the food and then we deliver it to you,” Redman said. “That way you don’t have to stand in a line.”

Due to limited availability, Longwood Gardens is currently limited to members only. But over at Morris Arboretum, tickets are open to the public.

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How did Morris Arboretum prepare for the reopening?

“Unfortunately, had to close a few areas of the garden where we felt it was too close contact to be able to safely distance the visitors,” Susan Crane, director of marketing at the Morris Arboretum, said. “Out On A Limb, which is, unfortunately, a favorite feature of the arboretum is closed, as is the Garden Railway.”

There are also a few other changes. The cafe is closed, but there’s an upside to that.

“We’re encouraging people to bring picnics, which is something new that we don’t typically do,” Crane said.

For both venues, guests — whether members or single-ticket holders — have to reserve passes in advance. This allows for appropriate crowd control.