By Chanteé Lans

HAMILTON, N.J. (CBS) — As nursing homes deal with lethal coronavirus outbreaks, one woman’s story has a happy ending just in time for Mother’s Day. For Lauren Auletta, her 83-year-old grandmother means the world.

Rosemary spent the last three years living inside Hamilton Continuing Care Nurse Home in Mercer County. That is until Auletta says she got word that multiple elderly residents tested positive with, and possibly died from, COVID-19.

(Credit: CBS3)

“When I heard that, my heart dropped,” Auletta said.

The 37-year-old and her mother decided to bring Rosemary to Auletta’s home in Hamilton, New Jersey. They took her out on April 20.

Just one day later, Auletta says the nursing home called to tell her that her grandmother tested positive for COVID-19.

“I have an underlying lung issue so it was very scary to me to not get infected,” Auletta said. “But I said to myself, I adore my grandmother so much that it’s a risk I’m going to take.”

For three weeks, Auletta wore a bandana, two N95 masks and a face shield. She used paper and plastic products with Rosemary to avoid contaminating her home.

The single mom sent her 15-year-old son to her mother’s home to keep him safe.

“I became an infectious disease nurse and doctor all in 10 minutes, but I made it work and I feel that I saved her life,” Auletta said.

On this quarantine Mother’s Day, Auletta says the true hero is nanny.

“Thank the lord at 83 years old, she’s a fighter and she survived COVID,” Auletta said.