By Jan Carabeo

DOVER, Del. (CBS) — Baby steps are being taken in Delaware on Friday. Gov. John Carney says the goal is to provide economic relief to people and businesses who are struggling financially.

But he cautioned this does not mean things are going back to normal.

Delaware is getting back to business Friday, but Carney warns that this is only a limited reopening and health and safety guidelines must be followed.

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“Things are going to be different. I think that’s the message as well, as we, in a rolling way, kind of reopen business here in our state. We need to do so making sure that people still stay six feet apart. The virus will still be present,” Carney said.

Starting at 8 a.m., small business retailers will be allowed to do business using curbside pick-up as long as social distancing can be maintained.

Those retailers include: department stores, clothing and shoe stores, sporting goods, hobby and book stores, tobacco and vape shops, gift shops and other general goods, as well. Jewelry stores may do business by appointment only.

“Baby steps, if you will, to certain retail establishments to allow them to operate on a limited basis,” Gov. Carney said.

Now, salons may only provide hair care services and only to workers of essential businesses.

There can be no more than two appointments at a time and owners need to leave 15 minutes in between appointments to sanitize.

Salon employees and customers must wear face masks.

Employees must wear gloves, too.

And salon employees must take their temperature daily, if it is above 99.5 they are ineligible to work.

Meantime, to help slow the spread of COVID-19 in the first state, New Castle County has teamed up with Nemours to offer testing to all 139 of its paramedics.

Golf carts are allowed at golf courses, for one person at a time and with cleaning in between customers.

A lot of people are wondering if Delaware beaches will reopen in time for Memorial Day, but it’s still unclear when beaches will reopen in the state.