PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– Two weeks out from the end of the NFL Draft, there is still plenty of debate over whether or not Howie Roseman and the front office sufficiently addressed the needs the team had in order to be a Super Bowl contender once again.

The team did select a wide receiver in the first round in Jalen Reagor, though they had the opportunity to move up and get one of the best in the class in CeeDee Lamb. Instead, Lamb ended up in Dallas, and the Eagles took Reagor, who they believe to be the explosive type of playmaker Carson Wentz needs.

After that of course, came the pick that will be debated for years to come in Oklahoma quarterback Jalen Hurts in the second round. The team followed that up with linebacker Davion Taylor, safety K’Von Wallace (PFF’s steal of the draft) and offensive lineman Jack Driscoll. They then dipped back into the wide receiver pool in the 5th and 6th round with Boise State receiver John Hightower and Southern Miss’ Quez Watkins.

Overall, the feelings on the team’s draft were mixed and mostly leaning towards not liking it. rated the class 26th out of 30 NFL teams. You can also count SportsLine’s Kenny White among those that weren’t a fan of the Eagles moves.

“The Philadelphia Eagles, I don’t think they helped themselves. I don’t like the draft pick they made with Jalen Reagor. They definitely needed help at wide receiver,” said White in an interview with CBS Local’s Katie Johnston. “But they also need help on the defensive side of the football. This is a team that last year ranked 30th in the NFL in yards per game allowed. The Eagles are a team that I think didn’t help themselves the way they should have.”

What the Eagles did and how the Cowboys handled their draft, along with the addition of veteran coach Mike McCarthy, is why White is leaning towards the Birds’ bitter rivals as the best “over” play in the division’s win totals.

“A new voice now, a guy in Mike McCarthy that has plenty of experience, he’s won a Super Bowl and knows what it takes,” said White. “There is going to be a lot of energy in that Dallas Cowboy locker room.”

In the site’s projected win totals column, SportsLine has the Eagles finishing with 9 wins (under their 9.5 total) and the Cowboys finishing with 9.4 wins (just barely under their 9.5 win total). Either way, it appears the heated rivals will once again be competing for the top spot in the division again this season.