PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Coronavirus patients continue to be spread across the region, but some neighborhoods have higher numbers, according to a HealthShare Exchange report obtained by CBS3. Hospitals around the region are all busy with coronavirus patients and there continues to be plenty of beds.

They say they’re ready for the expected surge that will be coming in a couple of days. The HealthShare Exchange report that identifies hard-hit neighborhoods, also reveals the patient status at each hospital.


Temple University Hospital has treated the highest number of patients with COVID-19 in the region, according to the HealthShare Exchange report that keeps hospitals updated.

“It’s scary and uncomfortable, but just the amount of people that are willing to come to work to take care of these patients, from the doctors to the nurses and the environmental staff and the transport, when you are there, you really feel supported,” said Dr. Claire Raab, the hospital’s associate chief medical officer.

Dr. Raab says they currently have 160 coronavirus patients hospitalized. Most are Hispanic men, a few are young with no other health conditions, but the majority are either over the age of 60 or have other risk factors like obesity. Forty people are in critical condition.

“The clusters we’re seeing really are elderly nursing home patients and psychiatric facilities, homeless shelters,” Dr. Raab said.

INTERACTIVE MAP: Tracking Philadelphia Coronavirus Cases By Zip Code

Dr. Raab says supplies are OK at Temple, including personal protective equipment.

Most COVID-19 patients are coming in through the emergency department that has a separate area for them.

“Since we’ve been able to cohort the patient, we’ve been able to keep them safe and it also protects our staff because we know which areas we need to wear PPE in,” Dr. Raab said.

The HealthShare Exchange report shows both inpatient and emergency department volume is trending down across the region. It highlights neighborhoods with the highest concentrations of COVID-19 cases. At the top include:

  • 19143, Cobbs Creek, Kingsessing
  • 19111, Fox Chase
  • 19140, North Philadelphia
  • 19139, West Philadelphia
  • 19131, Fairmount

“It’s been a tremendous amount of work but we’re getting through it,” Dr. Raab said.

Dr. Raab says the community support and gratitude for the hospital staff has been especially touching to everyone at Temple.


They have a capacity for 250 coronavirus patients, so they have space for over 100 additional patients, and they can also use The Liacouras Center for overflow coronavirus patients.

Stephanie Stahl