By Pat Gallen

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Looking for a way to keep kids fit during the coronavirus outbreak? Well, there’s an app for that. Teachers are teaming up with students for a lesson in virtual workouts.

In this new era of social distancing, schools are finding inventive ways to keep students active while at home.

Two area schools are doing their best to push students from afar by using apps on their phones.

Erik Miller is a physical education teacher at Malvern Prep and is recording workouts that kids must complete as part of their new routine.

“The administrators send a daily email to the students, every day, with kinda like a flow for the day, a welcome video, something from the priests, and then my workout of the day. That’s all part of the class schedule,” he said.

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Using an app called Team Builder, Miller will begin by guiding the students, then have them document their progress.

“What my hope is, to have a little video session with them for like 20 minutes. And then the rest of their hour block they’ll have time to finish the workout, record it on the program, then do their post-workout reflection,” Miller said.

Over at Penn Charter, the girls’ basketball team is taking a similar approach using the Home Court app.

“With everyone being competitive and not having that normal outlet they would normally have with sports, this was a way for us to, one, stay connected, and, two, for them to focus on other things — things that they love,” coach Joe Maguire said.

Kelsey Bess and Aleah Snead are freshmen who are enjoying this new way of staying basketball ready.

“It was this game that I did where you dribble. And there’s different circles that you have to tap with your hand while still dribbling. It helps with staying focused, focused on the screen,” Aleah said.


“It’s an easy way to get your ball handling stronger and be able to see what’s around you so you don’t have to look down, so it can help you in the game too,” said Kelsey.

Miller thinks this could be a good time for the students to push themselves further.

“I guess this could be happening now for quite a while, so the kids better get used to working out at home?” CBS3’s Pat Gallen asked.

“I think this is actually a great opportunity for students, especially just to really learn to take ownership of their learning, on their sleep, on their nutrition,” said Miller.

Miller adds that he’ll be creating something different every day for the rest of the school year.

While coach Maguire and Penn Charter will lean on technology and hope it’ll have them ready for next season.