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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Many have been finding themselves feeling anxious in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. So what are some ways to cope and continue to remain connected during these changing times?

Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson, a relationship therapist and the author of  “Courageous Conversations Connect,” offers some tips on how to manage anxiety.

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Dr. Argie Allen-Wilson,

Q: Dr. Argie, there is a lot of uncertainty right now. What’s your advice for people who find themselves feeling increasingly anxious?

Some of the things we have to remember is this is temporary. This is a temporary inconvenience for a long-term gain. As long as we stay healthy, everything else is recoverable. We also need to remember that we need to create a schedule for ourselves. This is not a vacation. This is business as usual, just at home. Create a schedule for yourself, recognizing that once we create that schedule we can move into a different place in regards to what we are going to do within our family system.

So we have to accept our new norm. Once we accept our new norm, we can adjust, reset our mindset, make some tweaks and start adapting to that new norm so we can appreciate the progress we have made. So those are things we have to do to decrease our anxiety.

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We have to talk about what is going on or write about it. Journaling is really good, mindfulness, meditation, movement and then meaningful engagement.

Q: A lot of people are working from home. Kids are going to school at home. Many people in the same household are not used to being around each other non-stop, all day. What’s your advice for those who may find themselves still adjusting to that?

So now that we are thrust in this together, I’m telling people have the courageous conversation. Sit down with your kids. They are anxious because they are tapping into your anxiety. Sit down, let them know first that you will protect them. You will have a plan for them. You will provide for them. Kids need safety and consistency. If they have these things, that will make them feel secure, safe, right, and feel more confident.

Q: On the other hand, for individuals living alone and unable to see family and friends … what do you tell people who are feeling lonely and isolated right now?

Recognize that social distancing does not mean social isolation. We have this technology now. Many people felt very anxious about the technology but goodness gracious what would we do without it now. So allowing people to know they are home alone, they can tap into their friends, their families, they can take a walk, if they have a car or they are mobile then they can reach out to somebody else.

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Pick up a habit, do some reading, write a book, start your business. You can find ways to actually have a plan. There are creative ways to find ways to connect.

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