By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Health care workers continue to fight this outbreak on the front lines. That includes Dr. Rob Danoff, who is overseeing a testing site in Bucks County.

Dr. Danoff talked to Eyewitness News about social distancing guidelines and its impact on the fight against the coronavirus after President Donald Trump extended the guidelines for social distancing until the end of April.

“When the virus has no one to attack, that’s how you slow it down,” Danoff said. “So, as inconvenient as it is, everyone plays a role. So those who are staying at home, actually decrease the risk of transmission from person-to-person.”

Dr. Danoff warns parents about children playing with others during this important period of social distancing.

“I know your kids want to play with other kids but we’re going to have to do more by computer, computer games, computer talking or FaceTime because if someone brings the virus into your home and if someone gets sick in your home and if you have to go to the hospital, our hospitals are not allowing visitors anymore,” Danoff said. “We can’t afford the risk of someone coming in and spreading this to other people. Unfortunately, this can spread very easily. Now most people do well, but there are certain people that are in the hospital and can get very sick. So, parents, please, for this next month at least, we need to social distance.”

Dr. Danoff says our region could see the peak of the virus in the coming weeks.

“It’s very regional. And so it goes and flows throughout the country. What we are thinking here is the next two to three weeks. We’re hoping that will be the peak and then it will start to go down from there,” Danoff said. “That’s why it is important we continue to socially distance from other people. That is an important community role, so this is what we are hoping and then it should start to decrease.”