By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Since the coronavirus outbreak, biking all across the Delaware Valley is way up. Kelly Drive is, by far, the area’s most popular biking destination.

Officials say it appears Philadelphians are taking social distancing seriously and using two wheels to do it.

Officials say biking on Kelly Drive  has increased with almost 47,000 more cyclists in the first couple of weeks of March compared to last year. That’s a 48% increase in bike riders.

The Delaware River trail in Port Richmond saw a 70% increase.

And the 13 miles of the Chester Valley Rail Trail, from Exton to King of Prussia, saw an 81% increase, according to the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Committee.

The committee is keeping track of bike riding data. Officials say trails all over have seen an uptick of riders in March compared to last year for a number of reasons, like the nice weather and gyms being closed while people work from home.

“I think of the most significant things we’re seeing is weekdays — which are generally lower use, generally more commuter-heavy, and lesser recreation than you get on the weekend — acting more like weekend days, when we see the same levels of traffic. And I think that’s what’s driving a lot of the increase,” said Shawn Megill Legendre with the committee.

But there are so many runners and cyclists, trying to avoid the crowds and avoid the spread of COVID-19 may be a challenge.

“That’s something I was concerned about as well,” said Henry Sam, owner of Kayuh Bicycles and Cafe in Fairmount.

To avoid crowds, Sam advises people to explore new trails, or bike when there’s a low number of riders.

“Go when it’s less people there, maybe early hours of the morning or closer to the evening,” Sam said.

But he was happy to see the city close MLK Drive to vehicles last week to allow more space for cyclists, and it may have brought him more business.

“As for bicycle repairs, it’s definitely spiked, for sure,” Sam said.

Bike repair shops are allowed to be open during the outbreak. Sam says he sanitizes the bikes before and after repairs.