By Alecia Reid

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia police seized a massive amount of drugs and weapons in a three-day sting. More than $1 million in drugs and weapons was netted in the sting targeting neighborhoods plagued with violent crime and drug use.

Police Commissioner Danielle Outlaw says these busts were successful because of input from the community. They complained, and when it was time to help police get guns and drugs off the streets, they stepped up and provided tips.

Those tips were part of multi-agency planning that started weeks before officers pounded the streets over three days.

Police targeted areas in Kensington that have been impacted by high levels of gun violence. The DEA, FBI, Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office and police worked together on this covert operation.

“This is is monumental and it’s been done long before I got here, but it’s monumental because the community spoke out and we were able to deliver and that’s what’s most important,” Outlaw said.

All told, over $75,000 in cash, $1.3 million in marijuana, heroin, crack, cocaine, K2, crystal meth and array of other drugs were taken off the streets. Twenty illegal firearms were also confiscated.

“Always important to us are these guns, getting these guns off the street,” Philadelphia Police Deputy Commissioner Dennis Wilson said.

There were a total of 238 arrests, and of the drug dealers, four were juveniles.

Outlaw says this initiative was designed to disrupt narcotics operations and apprehend illegal firearms. It was successful because of that shared input from people wanting to make their community safer.

“Ultimately, having these items on this table means they are off the streets. It means they will not be ingested by someone who is struggling with substance abuse disorder and it also means the heroin, cocaine, crystal meth on this table will not be taken as children pass or by a relative in a child’s home. These items will not maim or kill anyone,” Outlaw said.

The raid activities focused on the city’s East Police divisions, especially along the notorious Kensington Avenue. Authorities added this is not the end of their efforts.