By Alyssa Adams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Eagles surprised an 11-year-old fan from Georgia and his 13 family members with a trip to Super Bowl 54. The Birds were first introduced to the Miller family while granting 11-year-old Rowan’s wish to fist-bump quarterback Carson Wentz.

The wish was set up through The Granted Wish foundation — a foundation which grants wishes for children with special needs.

Rowan lives with cerebral palsy and is nonverbal. He is the youngest of seven children adopted by Tammy Miller and her husband, who also have five biological daughters.

Credit: The Granted Wish Foundation

The Eagles set up a meeting with Rowan where he was able to fist-bump Wentz and also met with some other players on the team.

Tammy Miller says the Eagles made them feel extremely important the whole time.

“We got to meet several of the players, they signed jerseys and footballs, and made us feel like we were the most important people of the weekend,” Miller said.

Rowan was able to type out questions for Wentz during their time together. One question he asked was “Why number 11?”

Wentz told him he wished he had a better story to go with but he was No. 20 in high school and he couldn’t be No. 20 in college so he got stuck with No. 11 and just kept it.

When Rowan added that he was 11 years old, Wentz responded with, “It’s meant to be.”

After that meeting, Eagles President Don Smolenski, Swoop, and some cheerleaders showed up at the Otwell Middle School in Cumming, Georgia to give the Miller family the surprise of a lifetime.

The Eagles and the NFL were so moved by the Miller family’s story, they decided to send all 14 of them to watch the Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl 54 in Miami.

Rowan ran around the room in excitement as his family members cheered.

“It makes you feel like there’s hope for the human race when people can stop and give to others, that’s truly what makes the world a great place,” Miller said.