By CBS3 Staff

CALN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Authorities are investigating the discovery of two pipe bombs found a day apart in Caln Township. One of the devices was found on Tuesday at 14th Avenue and Olive Street and another one was found detonated at South Caln Road and Olive Street on Wednesday.

According to the Caln Township Police Department, a postal carrier discovered the pipe bomb at the intersection of 14th Avenue and Olive Street, around 2:40 p.m. Tuesday. Authorities say the pipebomb appeared to be “homemade.”

The second device was discovered Wednesday near the railroad underpass at South Caln Road and Olive Street. Police say a caller alerted police Wednesday about hearing an explosion Monday, nearly 24 hours before the postal carrier located the undetonated device.

The person called police after reading news reports about the pipe bomb that was discovered on Tuesday.

Police say residents should immediately call 911 if they see a suspicious device and not attempt to handle it.

Anyone with information should contact police at 610-383-1821.