By Cleve Bryan

TURNERSVILLE, N.J. (CBS) — If you ever wanted to buy an electric vehicle the best deal may now be in our area. Shoppers could see discounts as large as $5,000!

There are a couple of little things that make driving an electric car for the first time a little surprising. But after taking a second to get your bearings, essentially you just push the pedal and go.

Taking a test drive in an electric vehicle may be on a lot more New Jerseyans to-do list thanks to a new incentive plan lawmakers passed this week. To help the state go green, the new measure would allow new electric vehicle buyers to get up to $5,000 back.

“There is obviously no gas. I’ve saved a ton of money,” BMW Turnersville Client Advisor Mark Schiavo said.

Schiavo drives and sells electric cars and says there are a lot of common misconceptions about electronic vehicles, like they’re too small.

“I have children, two car seats fit in the back, lots of room,” he said.

credit: CBS3

Or that they’re batteries don’t last and cost a fortune to replace.

“I wouldn’t see any depletion from the battery for 15 to 20 years,” he added.

Schiavo says concerns about loss of performance and driving range are overblown.

“Absolutely the biggest objection is going to be the range, and I feel like there’s a misconception for the general consumer in regards to how far they drive on a daily basis,” he said.

Just like gas-powered cars, there are many different types of electric cars and new models hitting the market every year as more and more people want to drive around eco-friendly.

“Well, one of my favorite things about the range is that you can kind of zoom out and see how far you can go,” Audi Turnersville brand specialist Allie Falvey said.

credit: CBS3

A navigation system called Audi e-Tron not only tells you how far you can drive, but where to charge up.

credit: CBS3

The new measure will also offer $500 in savings on home charging equipment. Just another reason more people might be test driving electrics.