By Matt Petrillo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — President Donald Trump received a warm welcome at Lincoln Financial Field for his third appearance at the annual Army-Navy game Saturday despite all of the controversy surrounding his administration. But his arrival did see some protests as some called for Trump to step down.

But for thousands of people, Saturday was about cheering on the country — no matter what team you were rooting for.

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Trump, wearing a “Keep America Great” hat, officiated the coin toss on Saturday afternoon at the Linc for the Army-Navy game.

The game capped off what Trump called a “wild week,” which saw big developments in the impeachment inquiry — something on the minds of many at the game.

“It’s a lot of bologna,” Leon Sobczak, of Belmar, New Jersey, said. “I don’t believe any of it. I support my president.”

“I think it’s nice the president’s here,” Megan Forrestal, from North Carolina, said.

“He’s doing a great job for the country. In my opinion, we could overlook the little, minor things in order to get the country back on track,” Edwin Alicea, of Vineland, New Jersey, said.

On Friday, the House Judiciary Committee voted to advance two articles of impeachment, including abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Now the articles move to the floor for a full House vote, which is expected to happen next week.

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While the game was happening, protesters in Rittenhouse Square called for Trump and Vice President Mike Pence to step down.

“This is a regime that is shredding the rule of law, criminalizing dissent, separating children from their parents,” RefuseFascism organizer Sam Goldman said.

(Credit: CBS3)

Back at the game and amid the cheers, Trump sat on the Army side of the Linc for one half and the Navy side for the other, as is the tradition.

As some fans pointed out, Saturday’s game is not about politics.

“It’s so much bigger than everything going on in Washington,” Courtney Knichel, of Maryland, said. “It’s about the United States of America and everything we stand for.”

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Trump is the 10th sitting president to attend the Army-Navy game, a tradition Theodore Roosevelt started in 1901.