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BRIDGETON, N.J. (CBS) — It’s been more than two months since 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez went missing from a park in Bridgeton. The FBI and New Jersey State Police are working with local agencies to find the little girl.

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Noema Alavez Perez, Dulce’s mother, appeared on “Dr. Phil” on CBS3 today to discuss losing her daughter. Dr. Phil pressed her for more information on her missing daughter.

Alavez Perez said at first she thought Dulce was playing hide-and-seek before realizing she was missing.

“I just walked towards the park, and I found my son crying, just standing there,” she said.

Dr. Phil asked her about the speculation she may have been involved with the disappearance.

“People have been wanting to ask you: Did you do this? Did you sell your daughter? Are you involved in her abduction? Do you know who has her? I’m asking you those questions so people can hear you from your own lips say the answer to those questions, and you’ve answered them.

“You did not sell your daughter, correct?” Dr. Phil asked.

“No,” Alavez Perez responded.

“You don’t know who has her?”


“You’re not involved in her abduction?”


Alavez Perez says she was in “shock” when her daughter went missing.

“I didn’t want to believe that somebody had took her. I was in shock,” she said.

Family friend Jackie Rodriguez told Dr. Phil she doesn’t think Dulce’s mom has done anything sinister, but she has concerns.

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“She seems too calm. I feel like she knows her child is OK. She’s missing her, but she knows she’s OK,” Rodriguez said. “I’ve never seen her freaking out. I’ve seen her cry just once.”

As rumors continue to circulate around Bridgeton about Dulce’s disappearance, Rodriguez revealed the family is upset with Dulce’s mom.

“Do you think she knows more than she’s telling?” Dr. Phil asked.

“They haven’t said it, but she’s told me that they’re upset that she might know something,” Rodriguez answered.

Dr. Phil said he would help raise the reward for Dulce to $75,000 if police allowed it.

No one has seen or heard from Dulce since the late afternoon of Sept. 16 when she was presumably abducted from a swingset at Bridgeton City Park.

Cumberland County Prosecutor Jennifer Webb-McRae says the investigation into Dulce’s disappearance is active and ongoing.

“We welcome the national attention the television show will bring to this case,” she said.

(credit: Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office)

Authorities have investigated hundreds of tips, conducted dozens of searches and reviewed numerous pictures and videos submitted by the public that might contain clues. The only real lead authorities have shared so far is a sketch of a possible kidnapper or person of interest who they say was described by a child.

Alavez Perez says the man in the sketch doesn’t look familiar.

“If you had to name somebody, who would be your first choice?” Dr. Phil asked.

“An old friend I used to know. He was trying to get to me but I wouldn’t allow it,” Alavez Perez said.

“Like date you? You rejected him?” Dr. Phil asked.

“Yes, he just insisted but I told him no,” Alavez Perez responded.

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CBS3’s Ukee Washington contributed to this report.