HONESDALE, Pa. (CBS/AP) — A bagel shop manager in New York drove nearly six hours to Pennsylvania to return a key fob that a customer had left in his shop on Long Island. Diana Chong drove off from Bagels 101 on Saturday with her family for a pre-Thanksgiving celebration in Honesdale.

After parking in Pennsylvania, she realized she had left the fob, needed to restart her car, at the store 185 miles away.

Manager Vinny Proscia offered to ship the fob, but they couldn’t find a service. So Proscia decided to deliver it.

“It was the right thing to do,” Proscia told Newsday. “If it happened to my wife, I’d want somebody else to do it for her.”

Chong tells Newsday she insisted he accept $200 for gas and tolls and a gift card.

Proscia says he got stopped for speeding on the return trip, but the officer let him go after he showed a thank-you card from Chong.

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