By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dozens of neighbors in Philadelphia’s Olney section found their car windows blown out, causing an expensive mess Sunday night. Neighbors tell CBS3 they are furious because fixing each window is going to cost a few hundred dollars each.

Security video shows what looks like two kids firing a BB gun at each other.

“I saw these guys shooting and I say, ‘What these guys doing?'” a neighbor said.

You can hear the crackle of several shots before two people are seen running down the 5700 block of North Howard Street in Olney around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

The result? Nearly two dozen vehicles now with broken windows, including Nuame Odongkar’s car.

“I see that the windows busted in and I look down and I see my dad’s car window is also busted in,” Odongkar said. “And I’m walking down the street and I see four, five cars.”

Odongkar chased after the shooters and says they were wearing masks.

“I’m running behind them and said call 9-1-1, but no one called 9-1-1 for me,” Odongkar said.

Neighbors also say the same thing happened Friday to at least a dozen other cars.

“I’m disgusted, man,” a neighbor explained.

Donald Hankerson’s car was shot in both incidents. He spent more than $300 the first time to repair his window.

“Now I’m gonna have to pay more than that because they broke two windows on there,” Hankerson said.

On many cars, we found the business card of Team Auto Glass.

CBS3 called to ask how they heard about the incident but haven’t heard back.

Neighbors are hoping whoever is causing the vandalism stops.

“This is a lot of money we gotta spend. The holidays are coming up,” a neighbor added.

Neighbors urge anyone who might know the two people in the video to contact the Philadelphia police.