By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Philadelphia Fire Department says the mysterious odor that was reported across the city on Thursday afternoon emanated from Philadelphia Energy Solutions. An odor was released when pipe was being cleaned and disassembled at the refinery.

An explosion and fire at the refinery rocked Philadelphia neighborhoods on June 21.

The fire department’s Hazmat Task Force conducted air monitoring and did not detect hydrogen fluoride or other potentially volatile substances. The release has been stopped and the incident has been placed under control.

The odor forced the evacuation of two schools: Bache-Martin Elementary School in Fairmount and Kenderton Elementary School in Tioga.

PG&W tells CBS3 they were contacted by Air Management about the odor throughout the city. They have done checks and readings and ruled out natural gas as the source.

People described it as a “sulfur” and “sewage” smell to PG&W.