By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — People are taking the dropping mercury in stride and they are bundling up against the bitter blast. Exactly how cold is it outside?

“Really, really cold,” 4-year-old Jack Deopp said. “I wore my jacket and my gloves.”

Jack came to Dilworth Park on Friday night fully prepared and so did many other people in Center City with the temperatures feeling like they’re in the 20s.

“I love it. My birthday is this time of the year,” Nancy Victor said. “I love football. It’s all together.”

People like Victor were bundled up, but at least she does not mind seeing the colder than average temperatures.

“This is not cold to me. It doesn’t get cold until you’re shivering,” Victor said.

One couple, though, definitely was a bit chilly.

“Time to bring out the bubble coat,” a Philadelphia man said.

Fortunately, they dug out some of their winter gear before taking a stroll through Center City.

“I had to pull this hoodie out. I knew better than to come out without it,” a man said.

“I’ve always been a cold person. I need my room at 60 to even fall asleep,” 16-year-old Boaz Moser said.

Moser’s winter gear is apparently still in storage as he was wearing shorts.

“What can I say, it’s the way God made me,” Moser said. “I must have Swedish relatives somewhere that I’m not aware about.”

Despite his lack of cold weather attire, Moser and his youth group were carrying plenty of hot meals.

“Go around and find people on the streets, hand them out to them, pray and talk to them,” Moser said. “I’ve done it for about three years and you get to meet all kinds of wonderful people.”

Some goodwill on a cold evening, perhaps the weather is a reminder from Mother Nature as the holiday season approaches.

“It’s just like Christmas,” Deopp said.