By Lesley Van Arsdall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A pair of Eagles left college but they brought the dorm life with them, sort of. Avonte Maddox is back on the field after a scary neck injury and says he got a lot of support from his roommate Dallas Goedert during his rehab.

They were the first two players selected by the Eagles in the 2018 NFL Draft and they became close friends during their rookie season.

Since they’re always together, they decided to split the rent.

“So, last year we lived in an apartment building and after practice when we weren’t doing anything, weekends, I’d always go up to his room or he would come to mine and we figured might as well split rent and get something a little bit bigger and better,” Goedert said.

“We just so happen to always ride together in the same car to work. When we come home from work, we end up at each other’s house,” Maddox said.

But what if they have had too much together time?

“The house is pretty big so you can be somewhere and barely know you are in there, so it’s not like that. But he’s chill, so when we get back we’ll just go to sleep or watch TV,” Maddox said.

“Offense sees offense quite a bit at the facility and defense sees defense. I don’t see him in the facility so when we go home, we haven’t seen each other all day,” Goedert said.

It’s an interesting friendship considering traditionally offensive and defensive players don’t mingle off the field.

“I feel I’ve gotten closer to a lot of the defensive players, he probably has gotten closer to the offensive players than normally if they don’t usually hang out. Like if he has some defensive players and I have some offensive players over, get to be on the other side of the ball a little bit,” Goedert said.