By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney is endorsing Sen. Elizabeth Warren for president. The mayor cited Warren’s leadership as an important factor in his decision.

“Our nation is in crisis,” Kenney said in statement on Wednesday morning. “We need strong and steady leadership in the post-Trump White House. We need a new President with a big vision and bold progressive ideas to put power in the hands of working Americans — not the 1% at the top. We need a new President who will bring us together and build an America that works for everyone.”

Kenney also says Warren would unite Americans and put power back in the hands of working families.

“I am endorsing Senator Warren for President today because she will unite us and put power in the hands of working families,” Kenney continued. “Elizabeth Warren will rebuild our economy for the long-term. She’ll tackle the housing and opioid crises, pass Medicare for All and fight for a Green New Deal to protect our children’s futures and save our planet.”

Warren says she is honored to have Kenney’s endorsement.

“He’s been a champion for working families in Philadelphia,” Warren said. “With the Mayor’s support, we can win in 2020 and make the big structural change we need so our government, our economy, and our country works for every person, not just the wealthy and well-connected.”

The mayor’s endorsement is considered a big boost for Warren given former Vice President Joe Biden has his campaign headquarters in Philadelphia.