By Alyssa Adams

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Nelson Agholor can’t catch — a break — this season. While there is plenty to blame for the Eagles’ crushing 37-10 loss to the Cowboys Sunday night, Agholor finds himself in the social media spotlight again.

In case you missed the game, quarterback Carson Wentz threw an approximately 60-yard bomb to an essentially wide-open Agholor early in the fourth quarter and he didn’t come up with the catch.

Agholor says the ball was out of position by the time he was able to track it.

“I tried to get open,” Agholor said. “I was hauling tail, made a move on the safety, used the space that I had to run across the field and I was running, and by the time I was trying to track it, the ball was already out of position. I wish I had been able to get there, but I don’t know what happened because it’s two situations. I don’t know if he was rushed or whatever, but we had enough field I was trying to get to it.”

The ball could have been placed better, but Wentz was facing pressure in the pocket and Agholor could have made a better effort to get the ball in his hands.

“[I was] starting to run to my landmark and I get closer and I’m seeing it low in trajectory. It just it what it is, I can’t really explain it,” Agholor added.

Granted, the score was already 30-10 and the chances of a comeback were slim but people feel he could have made a better effort.

Replays show Agholor breaking free of the defender and from the camera angle, it looks like he just gives up on the play.

Fans exploded with frustration on Twitter following the play.


And for those of you ready to blame Wentz for not throwing the “perfect” deep ball: