By Dan Koob

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Many die-hard Eagles fans are on their way to Dallas Friday to root for a victory over the Cowboys on Sunday. Even though the game isn’t until Sunday night, Eagles fans are making sure they get to Dallas early enough to enjoy the weekend.

It’s unanimous. Eagles fans believe the Birds will win on Sunday and take over first place in the division at 4-2.

That part was not up for debate.

Because in addition to seeing a win, fans want to take in the scenery as well.

“I’m looking forward to seeing this grand stadium. More importantly, I’m looking for a lot of Eagles fans and rooting our team on,” Southwest Philadelphia resident Michelle Cook said.

“We have Carson,” added Al Cook, of Southwest Philadelphia. “And we do need DeSean, we need him to open up the field.”

The hope is DeSean Jackson will play Sunday against the Cowboys — but Doug Pederson spoke Friday afternoon and said this abdominal injury is tricky and they won’t rush him.