By Matt Petrillo

BRIDGETON, N.J. (CBS) — Today marks one month since 5-year-old Dulce Maria Alavez went missing from Bridgeton City Park. Her mom is pleading for whoever took her little girl to bring her home.

Credit: CBS3

The girl’s disappearance sent shock waves throughout Cumberland County.

Since Dulce disappeared, there have been very few clues surrounding what happened.

Dulce’s mother, 19-year-old Noema Alavez Perez, says that every day is a challenge to get out of bed, but she does it in hopes her little girl will return home.

“To be honest, it’s really hard for our family,” she said.

Alavez Perez can hardly believe it’s been a month since she’s seen her daughter. It was Sept. 16 when she took her kids to Bridgeton City Park on a sunny afternoon.

Dulce and her 3-year-old brother raced to a playground while their mother was still in the car. Dulce hasn’t been seen since.

“She’s too young to be going through all this,” Alavez Perez said. “And I know she’s suffering that she misses us a lot.”

The day her daughter vanished, Alavez Perez made an emotional call to 911.

“We were here at the park and people said that somebody probably somebody took her,” she said in the 911 call.

Alavez Perez described why she thought that someone took her daughter.

“Because I couldn’t find her, there was no sign of her,” she said. “I went looking for her everywhere, that’s why.”

New Jersey State Police, along with family and friends of Dulce, and even complete strangers searched for the little girl all over the area for days, which turned into weeks.

There was a break in the case Tuesday when police released a composite sketch of a man officials call a witness. Police think he may know what had happened to Dulce before she disappeared. Officers now need help identifying him.

(credit: Cumberland County Prosecutor’s Office)

Dulce’s mom does not know who the man is but wants him to come forward.

“If he saw something to please say something, so police can find a clue or where my daughter could be,” Alavez Perez said.

There is now a $52,000 reward for information leading to Dulce’s whereabouts.

Anyone with information about this individual or the case is asked to contact the Bridgeton Police Department at 856-451-0033.