By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There are many questions after a building that was supposed to be demolished collapsed in West Philadelphia on Monday morning. The fire department was called out to the 6100 block of Vine Street for a collapse around 10 a.m.

(credit: CBS3)

Moments before parts of the building at 6119 Vine St. fell to the ground, surveillance video shows people walking in the shadow of the structure.

According to a demolition permit issued Sept. 13 and obtained by CBS3, the city’s Licenses and Inspections department deemed the property “unsafe.”

“I’m happy nobody was around and nobody was working in there,” neighbor Steven Rosenbert said.

(credit: CBS3)

Rosenbert and his father were working on cars at 9:52 a.m. when they heard a noise.

“When I looked, I saw the building collapse, come down,” Jean Rosenbert said.

Surveillance video shows a dust cloud erupt as bricks tumbled clear across Robinson Street. On the other side of the building is a day care center.

James Powell heard what he thought was a loud crash.

“You see there’s a day care right there and my first thing was knock on the door and make sure nobody else got hurt to tell them to leave the building, didn’t want them to get hurt,” Powell said.

The demolition contractor said work was held up while waiting for PECO to disconnect power service.

He added that wasn’t at all unusual, but declined to explain that on camera.

Neighbors were expecting the building to be demolished and were confused over the apparent holdup.

“It was supposed to come down, they gave us a letter like last week, letting us know that the building was about to come down and if we have any problems to call this number,” Steven Rosenbert said.

Patricia Moody says it’s by the grace of God she’s still alive. She had just passed by the three-story building moments before it collapsed.

“God must have told me to walk in the street. soon as I got to my step, I’m still shaking — I was pulled in the street, didn’t shut my door, heard this boom like a bomb,” she said. “Came out, the whole street was full of smoke.”

Moody is still waiting to get her blood pressure medication filled due to the shock and near miss this morning.

“My heart, nerves, look my hands are still shaking, tears in my eyes because I could have been laying down there,” Moody said.

No one was injured in the collapse.

CBS3 reached out to PECO for comment.