By Vittoria Woodill

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — When you drive by this Chestnut Hill restaurant, you might mistake it for an old colonial home. But when you step inside Jansen, you’ll discover that they’re serving up some of the finest fine dining in the city.

Along Germantown Avenue, a charming colonial cottage in Chestnut Hill bursting with hydrangeas bears the name Jansen, where the journey to an exceptional culinary reality is paved daily with French cooking techniques, farm fresh season ingredients, global influences and a fresh perspective on fine dining.

Chef and owner David Jansen’s 32-year journey on the line has had many stops — like in Downingtown at age 14 where his career began and then years later in downtown Philadelphia as the chef de cuisine at the highly acclaimed Four Seasons Fountain restaurant.

Watch the full Taste With Tori from Jansen above.

Vittoria Woodill