By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS/CNN) – New Jersey and Delaware are among the top five states for families to access affordable child care services, a new study says. The study “2019 Cost of Care” found nearly half of American families spend 15% or more of the household income on child care and 70% of families are paying rates the government claims are unaffordable.

The study broke down the national average weekly rates for different types of child care including hiring a nanny and taking your child to a child care center or family care center.

The national average cost to hire a nanny is $596, to use a child care center is $213, to use a family care center is $199.

New Jersey was found to be the most affordable state to hire a nanny and the fourth most affordable to use a child care center.

Delaware came in as the third most affordable state to use a child care center.

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Nearly two-thirds of parents have changed where they work, how long they work or if they work at all based on their child care needs, according to the same study.

Of all parents, 26% shifted from full-time to part-time work and 36% asked for a more flexible schedule so they could save money on child care.

Mothers, in particular, are sacrificing their careers to make up for the shortfall.

More than half of moms scaled back their hours to save on child care costs and a quarter left the workplace completely.

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