By Alexandria Hoff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — There’s a new movement getting a lot of attention nationwide. Women are going makeup free.

And here in Philadelphia, one networking group is helping to transform how a woman sees herself.

Women have an interesting relationship with their own faces and the makeup that often goes on top.

“I try to keep it pretty natural, like makeup without looking like I have a lot on,” one woman said.

“There is a part of it that is beautiful. There is a part of it that is artistic,” said another.

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Well in Philadelphia, there’s a new reason to strip down.

Shelby Wildgust is the founder of Naked Networking, a no judgement, no makeup meetup for women, all about showing one’s true self.

Wildgust is a Philly native and Eyewitness News caught up with her while on a trip out of town.

“Women come and when they remove their makeup, it’s immediate vulnerability,” she said.

This week, a Naked Networking event was held in collaboration with the Fearless Women’s Network on board the Moshulu.

The first event was held at Smack Parlor in Old City. The goal is to remove the metaphorical, and maybe physical, mask. And through that ritual of makeup removal, creating an immediate connection with other women.

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“What I end up seeing when it comes to the networking aspect is that women are just so much more ready to engage with one another because they have already taken that first step outside of their comfort zone,” Wildgust said.

It’s a concept that, with the help of a towelette, can be contagious. And we found a lot of women who were interested.

“I think that’s a really good idea. Everyone needs to feel comfortable in their own skin,” one woman said.

“It’s just comfortable to know that you’re not alone in this search for vulnerability and authenticity,” Wildgust said.

The next Naked Networking event will be held at Louie in University City on Oct. 9.

Alexandria Hoff