By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — An employee with the Philadelphia Eagles who is a New York Giants fan learned the hard way that in the City of Brotherly Love there is only one team to root for. When he started his new position he apparently brought in one thing for his desk, a water bottle with a Giants logo on it.

So his co-workers decided to do some remodeling when he went on vacation and posted a video of his reaction to the team’s Twitter account.

“When in Philadelphia, do as Philadelphians do… or else,” the tweet said.

The redecoration was complete with replacing a photo on his desk with him wearing an Eagles jersey, a chair that was rigged to play the Eagles fight song every time he sat down, and even a ceiling filled with Eagles hats that his co-workers had on a string to lower onto his head.

This priceless video has gotten a lot of reaction from fans.

The Eagles host the Giants on Monday, Dec. 9.