By CBS3 Staff

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — A Delaware woman who says she was savagely attacked at a Dominican Republic resort is now suing the resort for $3 million. Tammy Lawrence-Daley was on vacation at the Majestic Elegance Resort in Punta Cana in January.

‘He Proceeded To Strangle Me Unconscious’: Delaware Woman Recounts Being Savagely Attacked At Dominican Republic Resort

She says she went to get a late-night snack when a man in a resort outfit robbed her and brutally beat her.

Lawrence-Daley suffered a broken nose, fractured eye socket, nerve damage throughout her head and her entire mouth had to be sewn back together. Her attorneys say she suffered permanent physical and mental injuries from the attack.

Dominican Republic Resort Alleges ‘Weak Points’ In Delaware Woman’s Story Of Being Savagely Attacked While Vacationing At Hotel

The resort says Lawrence-Daley was found in a restricted area of the property and had not been robbed, and that the hotel paid for her hospital expenses.

Lawrence-Daley’s attorneys say the resort’s handling of the incident has been a “disaster.” They claim evidence was lost and destroyed in the case.

“It appears that the resort’s management was more concerned with minimizing and dismissing what happened,” her attorneys wrote in a release.

Attorneys say Lawrence-Daley is still undergoing treatment for her injuries.