By CBS3 Staff

WILMINGTON, Del. (CBS) — Police say a customer has come forward and accepted responsibility after a noose was found hanging in the aisle of a Home Depot in Wilmington last week. Two sisters were outraged to find the noose and brought it to a manager’s attention.

credit: CBS3

‘My Ancestors Were Lynched And Hung’: Delaware Sisters Outraged After Finding Noose Hanging Inside Home Depot

Delaware State Police on Wednesday said a customer was is the Home Depot on the 3600 block of Miller Road last week and was shopping for ropes and tied the noose.

Police say the customer is currently building a canopy for a customer who asked for different types of “rope knots” as decorations. The customer told police it was tied strictly for work purposes and there was no racial motive behind the noose.

Police were called to the Home Depot on Monday morning for a terroristic threatening complaint. Police say a store manager received threatening phone calls while at work the day prior — two by women and one by a man calling him a racist and cursing at him.

The manager told police that on Friday, he was called to the rope aisle to help a customer. The manager said he was busy with another customer so he sent another employee to help.

The manager told police he then heard two women screaming his name so he ran to the rope aisle, where he told police the women cursed at him over the noose.

The manager said he apologized and cut it down immediately and gave the women the name of the district manager they could contact.

Delaware State Police continue to investigate the incident.