The Pennsylvania Turnpike has a message to its most egregious toll cheats: pay up or face possible jail time. Pennsylvania Turnpike Cracking Down On Toll Cheats With Felony Theft Charges – CBS Philly

NESHAMINY FALLS, Pa. (CBS) – The Pennsylvania Turnpike has a message to its most egregious toll cheats: pay up or face possible jail time. Several toll evaders in the region owe the Turnpike thousands of dollars and are now facing felony charges as the crackdown continues.

Officials say the toll plaza with more violations than anywhere else along the Pennsylvania Turnpike is the PA Turnpike Neshaminy Falls Mainline Toll Plaza.

On Monday, the Bucks County District Attorney’s Office told CBS3 it’s clamping down on toll evaders.

Four people are accused of being some of the PA Turnpike’s most egregious toll cheats. They’re accused of zipping through the E-ZPass lane without an E-ZPass account and never paying their fair share along the toll road.

Accused are Antonio Green, of Bensalem, Robert Mansfield, of Philadelphia, Rachel Andershonis, of Bensalem, and Jon Quinty, of East Greenville Borough.

(Credit: CBS3)

Green allegedly owes the turnpike more than $4,000.

Mansfield is accused of stiffing the turnpike over $16,000.

Andershonis and Quinty each owe nearly $20,000, according to officials. Authorities also say Andershonis’ license was expired while she drove on the turnpike.

Authorities also say Quinty’s license was suspended since 2017 when he drove on the turnpike.

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“These are individuals who are just taking advantage of the system that everyone utilizes and that most people pay for,” Bucks County Assistant District Attorney Brittany Kern said. “Some of the individuals we’ve been investigating don’t have a license or have suspended licenses during some or all of the time they’re accused of these violations.”

The four alleged toll evaders face felony theft charges and could serve time behind bars.

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Officials with the PA Turnpike say those penalties are necessary to keep the toll road operating smoothly.

“I think it’s important that everybody understands we are going after toll violators aggressively,” PA Turnpike chief compliance officer Ray Morrow said.

Most drivers do pay the tolls, but those who do not pay six or more times can have their registration suspended.