By CBS3 Staff

LEVITTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — Wednesday night’s storm is being blamed for at least one death in Bucks County. Phil Oseredzuk, a 15-year-old Neshaminy High School student, drowned in the swollen Mill Creek in Levittown.

Middletown police say the boy was kayaking with friends in the creek near Snowball Drive when he fell in the water, and was swept away in the quickly-moving current.

Police said first responders had to use a boat to get to the teen.

The sophomore was taken to St. Mary Medical Center where he later died.

“It’s very sad, especially if you have kids. I can’t even imagine what the family is going through,” Middletown Police Lt. John Michniewicz said.

Police are reminding people to stay inside during storms.

“There’s emergency warnings out there and tornado warnings and they’re out there for a reason because you need to stay inside where it’s safe. We have to be out there but it wasn’t a place where you want to be outside,” Michniewicz said.

The teen had his own landscaping business with about 50 clients. Phil posted video of himself working in the rain just yesterday, and because he wasn’t old enough to drive a car, friends say he drove a golf cart around town to get to his clients.

“He’s a well respectable kid and he worked hard for everything he has,” landscaper John Capobianco said.

Several fellow landscapers said the teen was going places. They’re no praying for his family.

“Never got a chance to meet his parents. I’d like to give my condolences,” Kevin Burcz said.

First responders said trying to rescue the teen was a difficult and dangerous job.

CBS3’s Matt Petrillo contributed to this report.