By Greg Argos

AMBLER, Pa. (CBS) – A local business owner and artist are piecing together clues after two paintings went missing from a coffee shop. It happened at Abyss Coffee on Bethlehem Pike in Ambler.

Abyss Coffee in Ambler is a local spot where you can grab a cup of Joe or a sip of a latte while enjoying pieces by local artists.

“It’s a great space and it’s just a cheerful space,” someone said, “and there are a lot of people in and out.”

It’s now at the center of a whodunit, the scene of two art heists that likely is the same culprit.

Theresa Heidig Rooney operates the Artworks Collective, which is sponsoring a month-long transportation-themed exhibit to coincide with the town’s car show.

“The one painting was a 66 Mustang,” Rooney said. “The other was a 78 Jeep, which a friend of ours had just finished restoring.”

Rooney’s two paintings were the two snatched off the wall over the course of two separate days between May 10 and May 12.

“You feel very violated when you have something taken like that,” Rooney said.

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The area in which the paintings hung in the coffee shop is removed from the rest of the restaurant.

There is no surveillance video there, but that could soon change.

Rooney says the coffee shop may install additional cameras.

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In the meantime, they’re offering a reward with the hopes of capturing the thief before they strike again.

“There are people that are concerned about moving forward,” Rooney said. “And actually one artist has already decided she’s going to pull out of the future show.”