PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local school district has been ranked in the top 100 districts nationwide. The Mastery Schools District – Lenfest Campus was ranked No. 75 in the country, according to

The site looked at student-to-teacher ratio, standardized test scores, teacher quality, graduation rates and school funding for over 10,000 schools in the U.S.

Experts say rankings can be affected by money because districts with more students and higher funding per student would theoretically be able to hire better teachers and hire more teachers which can influence test score and graduation rates.

They add population may also play a role in rankings because more people means more students and tax revenue to fund school districts which, again, can positively affect many of the ranking factors.

The top 10 districts are:

  1. Redwood City, California – San Mateo County
  2. San Francisco, California – San Francisco County
  3. Santa Barbara, California; Santa Barbara County
  4. Los Angeles, California – Los Angeles Unified
  5. San Diego, California – San Diego County
  6. San Rafael, California – Marin County
  7. Santa Rosa, California – Sonoma County
  8. Miami, Florida – Dade
  9. El Centro, California – Imperial County
  10. Chicago, Illinois – City of Chicago SD 299

To view the complete list of school districts, click here.

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