By Kimberly Davis

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. (CBS) — New video shows the aftermath of a car crashing into the Flying Crust pizza shop in Camden County. The driver is now facing charges.

Flying Crust is closed until further notice. The crash happened in Pennsauken on May 3.

Somehow, Kimberly Killion lost control of her car and ended up inside the pizza shop. Eyewitness News tried to speak with Killion, but no one answered at her home.

According to police, the 34-year-old is Jack Killion’s daughter, the mayor of Pennsauken. Killion faces several charges, including a DUI.

“My attempt was to stop by here last week, but that’s when I found out about the accident,” Cinnaminson resident John Walls said.

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Walls says Flying Crust is a popular restaurant and he was hoping to try the fish sandwich. But unfortunately, that won’t happen, not until the business reopens, at least.

“On this road and the angle of the accident, I can’t figure out how a car could have went straight through the window,” Walls said. “It doesn’t make physical sense of how a car can go straight through it.”

Three people suffered minor injuries in the crash, and now Killion awaits her day in court.

Kimberly Davis

Comments (2)
  1. Johnathan Dough says:

    Let’s just drop the charges now and get it over with

  2. Not once did she check to see if the guy was ok, given who and what she is, why would she? Nothing is going to happen to her, just a minor probation, just watch.

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