By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia City Council has voted to install speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard. Officials want to add the high-tech cameras along the entire 12-mile stretch of the Boulevard, as a deterrent to speeders.

The cameras would take pictures of the back of your vehicle and include your license plate, location, date and time.

Tickets range between $100 to $150, depending how far over the speed limit you’re driving.

There would be a 60-day warning period for motorists after they’re installed.

The legislation was introduced by 9th District Councilwoman Cherelle Parker and has the backing of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and AAA.

“There will likely be seven to 11 locations for cameras and this is because Roosevelt boulevard is roughly an 11.5-mile stretch and the research has shown that vehicles slowed down about a half-a-mile before the cameras and then maintained a certain speed for a while,” said Parker. “We hope we’ve gotten in right now and we think we’ll watch and we hope this makes Philadelphia safer.”

“It represents 0.6% of steers and anywhere between 13% to 20% of deadly crashes. Something has to be done. This was a tool on the tool box other cities have used and we felt it was time Philadelphia get behind that too,” said Randy Lobasso, of the bicycle coalition.

However, motorists are split whether or not this new change will make a difference.

“It might stop them from doing it repeatedly, but I know the red light cameras that are in place, people are constantly going through them,” said George Wilson.

“If I gotta waste my money, absolutely I’m working hard for my money. It’s carelessness. Just take your time,” said Eddy Serrano.

Police say there were 96 fatal crashes in Philadelphia in 2018, and 21 percent of them happened on Roosevelt Boulevard.

CBS3’s Dan Koob contributed to this report.

  1. James Walker says:

    Synchonizing the lights to the speed limit in each area AND putting up signs LIGHTS TIMED FOR XX MPH would increase safety far more than the coming for-profit speed camera racket. Drivers would very quickly learn that driving at about the speed limit gets a long string of green lights and going faster just gets red lights. But that much safer solution has a huge problem. It will not collect $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, and the $$$$$ trump safety in Philly.
    James C. Walker, National Motorists Association

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