By Joe Holden

WEST CHESTER, Pa. (CBS) — The Chester County district attorney warned Wednesday that crystal meth is “storming back into southeastern Pennsylvania.” Tom Hogan sounded the alarm during a news conference as he announced a series of arrests connected to the distribution and dealing of crystal meth.

Hogan said they’re alarmed to see a possible tipping of the scales with the crackdown and pressure on opioid and heroin use as distributors are now flooding the market with cheap, pure crystal methamphetamine.

Prosecutors announced the arrest of Ruben Vargas Santillan, of Berks County. He’s accused of selling a significant amount of crystal meth to undercover officers.

Hogan said the drug is storming back into the county and other places in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Users often become agitated and violent. Police have noted an uptick in violence involving officers and those suspected of using crystal meth.

Prosecutors have tied at least two recent homicides to meth use.

“This crystal meth is potent, powerful and cheap. It is being shipped here by the Mexican cartels and you are going to see a strong impact on users and law enforcement,” said Hogan.

Prosecutors say these distributors are business savvy. A kilo of crystal meth in the 2000s ran anywhere from $40,000 to $48,000. Today, the same amount of product is going for $10,000.

The pure crystal meth has also wiped out what’s known as biker meth, which is a cheaper, domestically made product, with a low purity rate.