By Lauren Casey

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Monday is the first day of Hurricane Preparedness Week and today’s focus pertains to developing an evacuation plan.

First, find out if your home is located in a hurricane evacuation zone. If it is, you and your family should go and travel the route you would take in the event an evacuation is ordered.

Remember, you do not need to travel hundreds of miles. Consider a family member or friend who lives outside of the zone.

Credit: CBS3

Be sure to plan for your furry family members as well because most hurricane shelters do not permit pets.

Evacuation orders made by local officials will come in one of two forms, voluntary or mandatory.

If a mandatory evacuation order is issued for your zone, enact your plan and leave immediately.

Nearly the entirety of the Jersey Shore is vulnerable to the storm surge of a Category 1 hurricane, as well as river and tributaries adjacent to portions of inland counties, including Camden and Gloucester.

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