By Greg Argos

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The pitter-patter of more than 40,000 pairs of feet may be competing with the sound of rain this Sunday. Showers are expected to hit Philadelphia just in time for the 40th annual Broad Street Run.

“It’s not much of a different run, you just have to be prepared for it,” runner Kwami Guy said.

For Guy, who’s participating in his 13th consecutive race, that means wearing different gear, which he’s not too fond of.

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“We’re going to have ponchos. And for the most part, I don’t like the poncho because it makes me sweat,” Guy said.

All 48,000 participants will pick up their bibs at the runner’s expo held at the Philadelphia Convention Center the two days prior to the race.

There is plenty of rain-resistant gear for sale, but many runners already own a popular way to stay dry.

“At the starting line, you’ll see a lot of people wearing garbage bags, trying to stay dry, right up to the last minute,” runner Matthew Hall said. “After that, some people run in ponchos, some people have their high-tech running gear. I haven’t made a decision yet.”

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“I’m just scared because I don’t know what’s going to happen,” 9-year-old Savanna Rooney said.

That’s because this is Rooney’s first Broad Street Run.

“My mom got me into it because it looked like she was having so much fun doing it,” she said.

She’s prepared, and not too worried about the weather.

“I went running in rain before, hot weather, cold weather,” Rooney said.

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But one of her concerns is the huge crowd.

“I don’t want to get lost,” she said.

Some other runners say they actually prefer the rain, especially if it’s not coming down too hard, since it keeps them cool.