By CBS3 Staff

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It’s a bad day for anyone trying to update their driver’s license photo in Pennsylvania. PennDOT says its photo system is down statewide on Tuesday.

A lot of people were seen going in the photo license center on Arch Street in Chinatown and then turning right around when hearing the news.

Customer Alphonso Liverpool said the outage is a huge disruption to his workday.

“I lost my wallet so I came to get a duplicate yesterday and on Mondays they don’t do duplicates, so I had to come today, and lo and behold, the system is down, so this is my second day out of work and it’s been a pain so far,” said Liverpool.

PennDOT says they are working diligently toward a solution.

There is no word when the photo system may be back online.

PennDOT suggests calling before you go to a photo license center today.