PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – CBS unveils “The Code,” a new series about the military’s brightest minds who take on the toughest legal challenges facing the U.S. Marine Corps. Get ready for a brand new drama.

It’s one that shines a light on the military’s brightest legal minds and tackles the toughest cases that Marines face.

While the characters on “The Code” are cracking cases in the office and courtroom, don’t forget that they’re still Marines. That means they still get deployed.

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For the actors, the role of a Marine is an honor in and of itself.

“It allowed me to grow so much respect for the Marines,” Luke Mitchell, who plays Capt. John “Abe” Abraham, said. “These guys are the toughest, smartest people in the world.”

“I don’t think you can have anything but respect for those who are sacrificing a lot, mostly to just serve the country,” Raffi Barsoumian, who plays Warrant Officer Rami Ahmadi, said.

“We are the greatest fighting force on the planet and America is the symbol of freedom,” Ato Essandoh, who plays Maj. Trey Ferry, said. “I’m almost getting emotional thinking about that so people like me can act and I wake up in a world I’m free to do that and that’s something that’s supplied by our forces.”

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You can catch the premiere of “The Code” on Monday night at 9 p.m.

Vittoria Woodill